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Support to help households with cost of living

The Cabinet Office has launched a new ‘Help for Households’ campaign, in response to increasing prices and cost of living pressures.

The campaign aims to explain the different schemes that are available, including new, exceptional one-off payments, and existing benefits and schemes.

The government says that it’s providing £37 billion this year to help households combat the rising cost of living.

There are now 41 national schemes available to help households with the current cost of living, and information about all of them are available on the one central Cost of Living Support website.

They break down the support available into different categories to help you find out:

  • how to support your income
  • how to get help with your bills
  • about help with childcare costs
  • about housing support
  • about help with transport costs
  • and about help with getting into work

You can also find out what discounts and offers are available from businesses to help with the cost of living.

Information and advice about what we’re doing to help households with the escalating cost of living is also available on the DCC website.

15 August 2022
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15 August 2022
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