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‘The Ham’ is a long narrow parcel of land (judged to be ham shaped, hence one of the possible reasons for its name) which is situated at the eastern end of Sidmouth, by the mouth of the river Sid.

Sidmouth Town Council’s trusteeship starts at the west just behind the brick paved roof of SWW’s tank and northwards to a narrow point at the end of Riverside. The area of trusteeship includes the Fishermen’s Sheds, children’s play area and the former boating lake/macerator.

The area is provided for public and community use and recreation.

The following events are scheduled to take place on the Ham in 2023 (scheduled events may be subject to cancellation):

Sun 2 April                               Gazebo for Sidmouth Running Club event 10am-2pm

Thurs 6 & Tues 11 April          SCCH Driftwood Sculpture workshops

Tues 16 – Sun 21 May             Sidmouth Sea Fest (event days Fri 19 & Sat 20)

Mon 5 – Sun 11 June               David Rowland Fun Fair (Wed 7 – Sat 10 June)

Fri 16 – Sun 18 June                National Association Scorpion Open Meeting

Wed 26 Jul – Tues 15 Aug       Sidmouth Folk Festival (event days 3-11 Aug)

Fri 25 Aug                                Sidmouth Airshow

Sun 17 – Sun 24 Sep               Sidmouth Carnival Fun Fair (event days Wed 20 – Sat 23)

For further information on events visit or contact us:

The Sidmouth Information Centre,
Ham Lane,
EX10 8XR
01395 516441
21 September 2020
Last Updated
11 August 2023