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Town Council Welcomes Announcements by SWW and Government

Sidmouth Town Council welcomes the announcement that South West Water is going to invest £9.8 million over 2023-24 into the sewerage infrastructure in the Sid Valley, with a further £20.2 million to follow up to 2030.

The Town Council, together with a number of other organisations and individuals has been campaigning for some time for a reduction in the use of the Combined Sewage Outfalls (CSO) which have spilled untreated sewage into the sea and river during periods of heavy rainfall. Sidmouth being an all year round destination, has people swimming in the sea 365 days a year. Having clean bathing water is a priority for residents and visitors alike. The plan envisages upgrades to the Ham Sewage Pumping Stations, and improvements to the Fortescue and Manstone Lane CSOs.

The performance of South West Water has been closely monitored by the Town Council and other groups over recent years as concerns grew about the lack of investment in the infrastructure. A Council spokesman, said ‘The significant investment announcement by South West Water is good news and the Town Council will continue to monitor performance so we can be assured of the cleanliness of our river and beaches’

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5 April 2023
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5 April 2023
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