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Thermal Imaging (Infra-red) Domestic Residence Survey Request

Sidmouth Town Council is offering residents the opportunity to have a free thermal imaging survey of their house to help identify likely areas of heat loss. The photographs will be taken by a volunteer who has been trained in the use of the Infra-red camera but is not a qualified surveyor. The service will be offered on a first come first served basis and the Council does not guarantee that photographs can be taken in this winter season if demand exceeds our ability to provide this service. Sidmouth Town Council will not publish the images without my prior consent but they may be shared with the team running this project in order to improve the service offered to residents.

If you would like to accept this offer please complete the details below.

  • * denotes a required field
  • I have asked Sidmouth Town Council to take infrared photographs of my house to help me understand where I might be losing heat understand they will send me a report on observations.
  • I understand Sidmouth Town Council does not guarantee the accuracy of these photographs and recommends that they are not used to make decisions about how to insulate my house without additional professional advice.
  • I am happy for Sidmouth Town Council to contact me about relevant environment related activities
  • Once the form has been submitted one of the volunteers will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time. The best photographs are generally taken in the morning when there is the greatest difference in internal and external temperatures.
7 November 2022
Last Updated
25 March 2024