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Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards 2023

On Saturday 5th November, the VGS will be launching the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards 2023

The Champions Awards 2023 are about highlighting how we can ‘Make Do And Mend’ as a positive way to not only manage the current difficult times, but also to contribute positively to the future of the Sid Valley. They are about inspiring us to save some money, in our families and communities – and to help ‘save the planet’ in whatever small, local ways we can – whether it’s growing our own veg, reusing/repairing/recycling stuff or cutting down on energy and waste.

You will be able to enter yourself, your group or your company (or nominate others) as of Saturday 5th November by going to the Champions Awards website.

You will have until the end of July 2023 to show what sort of impact your activity has made. This is to allow your project or exercise, whether collecting data, planting food, or saving costs, to take effect, to show results and to make a real difference.

Sidmouth Vision Group have been working done in partnership with Sidmouth Town Council Environment Working Group

Do have a look at the website for ideas
31 October 2022
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31 October 2022
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