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Making Sidmouth Safer and Welcoming to Shoppers

Sidmouth Town Council was invited by Devon County Council Highways to take advantage of recent legislation which supports and encourages Towns to take measures to help shoppers with safe access to their high streets whilst maintaining social distancing requirements. The Council, Chamber of Commerce and Hoteliers discussed possible ways to make pedestrians feel safer in the often-narrow streets which would otherwise be incompatible with social distancing. A scheme was finalised with Devon County Council.

Councillor Ian Barlow, Chair of Sidmouth Town Council supporting the measures remarked: “The Town Council wanted to show visitors and residents that Sidmouth is a safe town to visit whilst still permitting social distancing and that we are adapting to the current challenging situation. We have such a beautiful town and want people to know that it’s a safe to visit and shop in too.”

Measures will be in place from 22 June until 30 September, and includes provision for Taxis and Blue Badge holders.

2 November 2020
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2 November 2020
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