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Is Your House Leaking Heat?

The Town Council is working to help residents save heat and save money

The bonus is it cuts down on CO2 emissions

With energy bills rising and concerns about climate change, no one wants to waste energy from their house, but that is what we all end up doing.  

Thermal image cameras reveal where your precious home heat is escaping, and then you can decide how to make things better.

The Town Council is offering a free thermal scan of your house

With an Infra-Red camera, you can literally see where the heat is escaping. The photos below are infrared images of a door taken from outside and inside. In a thermal image, yellow shows hotter areas and pink/purple the cooler areas.

On the inside, the central heating is working but it cannot keep up with the heat being lost and the door is cold.  The door will carry on wasting your heat until the weather outside is warmer than the inside of the house. 

On the outside, the door is radiating heat.

As we all know, keeping a house warm is expensive and wasting heat is wasting money.  Also, no matter how your home is heated, wasting heat causes extra CO2 emissions, and that is bad for our nature, our valley, and our world.

Sidmouth Town Council has an Environment Policy that wants to make Sidmouth a low carbon town. We as a town can reduce our emissions if we all as residents work to reduce ours individually.  We therefore want to help you reduce your carbon emissions, but we also want to help you save money.

The Council has purchased an Infra-Red camera and is offering residents of the Sid Valley an opportunity to have a thermal image photo taken of their house to show where you are losing precious warmth.  We have a small team of volunteers who will visit interested householders to take photos, and these will be emailed to you.

What you do next will be up to you. We cannot fix your home, but there are Government grants to help.  There is plenty of advice already available on ways of improving your home insulation, if you know where the biggest heat loss is, you can focus your attention and money where it can be most effective.

If you are interested in having a photo taken, please email Sidmouth Town Council at towncouncil@sidmouth.gov.uk to make contact with our volunteer team.

18 January 2022
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18 January 2022
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