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A Happy New year for Ham Play Park

Sidmouth Town Council is delighted to update children and families that the renewed Ham play park will be opening shortly but not until the new year.

Due to a shortage of key materials and elements for both parks, works had previously been delayed. However, with Long Park already open to a very positive response, it was hoped the Ham could also be open in time for Christmas. The works team have been aiming to do just that but with the incredibly wet weather experienced in November there has been a need for the team to come off site to allow the ground to drain and dry, it is now anticipated to be completed in mid-January.

Cllr Louise Cole, one of the project leads said “I know this will be disappointing to our children and families as we approach the Christmas holidays. It is very frustrating, but we will get there. The equipment is in and offers a tantalising glimpse of a very much improved play space to enjoy. Against many challenging circumstances, here’s to a positive end in sight and for the new year.”

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13 December 2022
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14 December 2022
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