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Fish Wall Repaint

photo Sarah Hall

The Climate Conversation event Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub held in July invited young people who were involved in the original project to create the fish wall mural at the Ham to come together again and repaint the fish. Another call out last week had a community response to help out from all generations.

“Given that it has been 10 years since the wall was created – it was in need of some TLC and we wanted to invite children to take part once again – unfortunately due to coronavirus – it wasn’t possible to invite a hands on activity until now – in order to include as many as possible we asked Sidmouth C of E Primary School to create new designs in class – they did this brilliantly and created fantastic vibrant new designs – some of which are quite complex.  We invited the community to help us to realise their designs on the fish once we had grouted them and painted them white ready for the new designs.”

It is still work in progress with a few more fish left to paint. The blue waves and the white border will now be repainted and the mural taken around into the new Coral reef community garden.

Photos Sarah Hall
2 August 2021
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2 August 2021
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