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The Comedy of Errors

7:00 pm 9 June 2023
9:30 pm 9 June 2023

Event by Rain or Shine Theatre Co

Blackmore Gardens

Tickets www.bit.ly/BlackmoreCOE

Restricted audience  

Once upon a Time, cruel fate decreed that a family should be torn asunder in a violent shipwreck. The mother lost to the waves, the father and one twin and his bondsman one way, and the other twin and his bondsman another…

Years later, in search of their lost family, Antipholus, and his bondsman, Dromio, arrive in the port of Ephesus, a city reputedly full of rogues, cheats, and sorcerers. Although this is their first visit, merchants greet them as acquaintances, women pursue them as lovers, and everybody knows their names!

Pack your bubbly, chairs, and picnics and witness the comical confusion and chaotic capers of Shakespeare’s hilarious masterpiece!

Tel: 03306 600541

19 May 2023
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19 May 2023
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