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Sidmouth Science Festival Talk by Dr Jenny Bennett

11:00 am 9 October 2021
11:30 am 9 October 2021

Geology of the River Exe – Dr Jenny Bennett

How the geology has shaped the river and what the sediments can tell us about its past.

Jenny discovered geology through the Open University whilst she was working in local government. After her degree she tutored part-time for the OU in geology: then changed career and became a student again, completing a PhD at the University of Exeter on the evolution of the Exe valley in 2006, and after that continued to teach at both Exeter and the OU. She was very happy when the South West group of the Geological Society awarded her their Frederick Sherrell career recognition award in 2018. At present she is Chair of the Devonshire Association’s Geology Section and continues her interest in the evolution of rivers and the recent geology of Devon and Cornwall.

10 September 2021
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20 September 2021