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Sidmouth Science Festival Talk – Andrew Carnie

11:00 am 12 October 2022
12:00 pm 12 October 2022

In a complex and rapidly changing world, we seek to find our location. We delve to understand ourselves, from our birth, and before, from our genetic history, our family story and our community, if we have one. From the media, the mirror, through our friends’ ideas of us, and importantly and increasingly through the world of science, its images and ideas.

The arts too give us a complex picture of how we are and how we think, especially as they can conjure ideas we cannot spell out or voice, blending elements difficult to consciously think of; subtleties beyond words. We construct our notion of self and our fellow travellers through the ideas that come to us. The arts are an important one because they deal with the subjective experience, much more complex than really anything else out there. And are the arts really, only ‘subjective’, does common experience, common consent actually make them more ‘objective’ than we think? For me, science feeds into my art practice and in my world I attempt to explore some ideas that come from contemporary science that reflect on who and how we are in this world.

7 September 2022
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7 September 2022