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Sidmouth Science Festival – Sound Walk

2:00 pm 12 October 2022
4:00 pm 12 October 2022

A Sound Walk with Emma Welton

A Sound Walk is for people who are curious about experiencing our environment in new ways, and who are open to a different kind of walk. We’ll take time to settle into listening, then walk slowly, following our ears and pausing from time to time to share what we’re hearing. We’ll seek out sounds and allow sounds to find us. We’ll explore unlikely places for their sounds. We’ll notice the sounds of the sea, trees, birds, people, and how seasons, weather, landscapes and built structures change what we hear. We’ll notice our own sounds. We’ll imagine the sounds of Sidmouth’s past and future. The walk will be up to 1.5 kilometres. 

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23 September 2022
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23 September 2022