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Sidmouth Science Festival – Norman Lockyer Observatory

7:30 pm 11 October 2022
9:00 pm 11 October 2022

Live streaming from the Norman Lockyer Observatory

Online or Norman Lockyer Observatory

On Tuesday 11th October 2022 there will be live streaming of the planets Jupiter and Saturn from telescopes at the Norman Lockyer Observatory.

More excitingly, with the introduction of new equipment at the NLO, not only will we be able to stream the planets but also deep sky objects like the Andromeda Galaxy. We hope to have the ability to beam the pictures to our main lecture theatre or you can watch from the comfort of your own home via the NLO Youtube channel. Doors at the NLO will open at 7:30pm and live streaming will start at 8pm.

23 September 2022
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23 September 2022