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Sidmouth Science Festival – Chemistry & Christianity

7:00 pm 10 October 2022
8:30 pm 10 October 2022

Chemistry and Christianity: A match made in heaven

All Saints Church All Saints Road Sidmouth EX10 8ES

If you were building a scientist, what characteristics would you include? What about if you were building a Christian? Do you think they would have anything in common?

Join Kate, a chemistry PhD student, and investigate some big ideas about the interactions of science and faith. This session will combine exciting chemistry experiments, interactive activities and hearing from Kate about her experience of being a Christian and a scientist, as together we consider what every new scientific discovery might mean for the existence of God.

This event is aimed at families with kids aged 8ish, all the way up to big kids – any adults who still love to be curious!

The event is organised by All Saints Church and you will see more details of events on their web page.

5 September 2022
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5 September 2022