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Sidmouth Primary PTFA Christmas Trail

9:00 am 16 December 2023
5:00 pm 16 December 2023

£2.50 per trail.
Start at The Radway Cinema and finish at The Anchor to claim your reward!
During the Christmas holidays, they will be for sale at Woolbrook News and The Radway Cinema – WHILE STOCKS LAST!
On this trail, you will need to follow the clues to find some familiar faces on different businesses/places in the town. These familiar faces have also included a FUN FACT about them/something on the clue sheet!
Do you know the first song in space?
Do you know who used to hide sprouts so they didn’t have to eat them?
Do you know who tries very hard to hit the high note in Mariah Carey’s Christmas song but just can’t do it?
Find out by completing the Christmas Trail!
14 faces to find! 🥳
Each face will also have a letter on them. When in order, it will spell something Christmas related!

6 December 2023
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6 December 2023
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