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Sidmouth Fringe Sessions

7:00 pm 6 August 2024
11:00 pm 6 August 2024

The Sidmouth Fringe Sessions are a series of intimate musical performances spread over 5 nights held around the first week of August. Gates open at 5.30pm with informal live music with the first act on stage at 7.00pm til late (2pm until late on Monday)

Situated on the edge of the sleepy coastal Devon village of Salcombe Regis (near Sidmouth), it centresaround a traditional oak-framed building (McBuzz’s Barn) complete with veranda and adjoining open-side ‘tythe barn’ and oak-framed stage.

The event coincides with (but independent of) the long-established Sidmouth Folk Festival where thousands of colourful music lovers descend on the valley for the week.

Sidmouth Fringe Festival


8 July 2024
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8 July 2024
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