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4:00 pm 14 July 2023
9:00 pm 14 July 2023

Facebook: “The weather forecast for tomorrow is AWFUL so I’ve take the decision to cancel our street food market.

Its very tricky to choose to cancel as we don’t have a crystal ball, only the advice of the various weather apps. Tomorrow they tell us there will be strong winds and 90% chance of heavy rain all afternoon. This is the time we are setting up so I have to consider the safety of our traders, our staff and the integrity of our equipment as well as whether people will come for a picnic.

As a responsible events company we also need to consider the food waste created by a quiet event, and the dent it makes in the finances of our small businesses.”

Pop up street food market every second Friday of the month, May- Sept ’23

Be a part of our community and find us on summer Friday nights under the big Devon sky in Sidmouth at our pop up street food market. Nourish your friendships and eat your way around the world. It’s where global cuisine meets the locals. Sharing food is a ritual as old as time (and the rocks around us) and through food we build connections with people and the landscape. For more information, visit https://www.uniqueboutiqueevents.co.uk/sidmouth-eats-boutique/

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