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Sidmouth 10km

9:00 am 3 November 2024
11:00 am 3 November 2024

A fantastic 10km course, starting at Sidford Social Hall following the entire length of the byes down onto the beautiful Sidmouth sea front before looping back round and retracing your steps back home. A fairly flat course except the loop up Hillside, Beatlands and Cliff Road where you will encounter two steep climbs . But what goes up, must come down!!

This race will run solely on roads and hard surfaced footpaths. Warnings will be placed to alert the public. 

  • 0855 Pre race brief
  • 0900 Sidmouth 10km starts. 

Sidmouth 10km 2024 – LMEvents

11 March 2024
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11 March 2024
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