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Poetry Please!

2:30 pm 17 April 2024
4:45 pm 17 April 2024

The next meeting on 17 April, the chosen poet will be the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage and the topic will be clerihews.

According to Wikipedia:

A clerihew is a whimsical, four-line biographical poem of a type invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley. The first line is the name of the poem’s subject, usually a famous person, and the remainder puts the subject in an absurd light or reveals something unknown or spurious about the subject. The rhyme scheme is AABB, and the rhymes are often forced. The line length and metre are irregular. Bentley invented the clerihew in school and then popularized it in books. One of his best known is this (1905):

Sir Christopher Wren

Said, “I am going to dine with some men.

If anyone calls

Say I am designing St Paul’s.”


25 March 2024
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25 March 2024
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