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Mega Book Sale at The Library

9:00 am 17 February 2024
1:00 pm 17 February 2024

The Friends of Sidmouth Library are having a MEGA sale! Unfortunately they need to vacate their current storage space ASAP and to help them move, they need to have as few books as possible leftover to make things easier.

“Fill a bag for £5 – this needs to be a ‘usual’ shopping bag (we will have a few if you forget to bring one) and if you fill and pay for 3 bags, we’ll let you take a 4th away with you as a thank you!

We have a LOT of new books since our last sale, including a lot of children’s books and also have a lot of music CDs, DVDs and even a small selection of freebies!

We really appreciate all the support you have given us in the past year with our sales and we really hope to continue them, but we need to find some decent, weatherproof storage for the long term. If you know of anything, please let us know!”

MEGA Book Sale : Grab a Bag for £5 | Facebook


9 February 2024
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9 February 2024
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