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Lifeguards on The Beach

10:00 am 27 July 2024
5:00 pm 27 July 2024

Full-time service will be in place from 20th July until Sunday 8th September.

As well as being fully qualified beach lifeguards, the team will complete additional first aid training, and take part in exercises and training with other agencies over the summer, including Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat, South Western Ambulance Service and the coastguard.

Last year the Lifeguards responded to some 60 incidents, including weaver fish stings, missing children, and cuts and bruises, as well as assisting with more serious incidents. Day-to-day, they provided endless safety advice, local knowledge and first aid.

The team also provided sea safety talks at all of our local schools. Over 1,000 students attended these, and with teachers, parents and siblings also attending, safety advice was provided to many more! The talks were very well received and will continue to be provided this year.

All the Lifeguards are looking forward to a busy – and safe – summer on Sidmouth beach.


24 May 2024
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24 May 2024
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