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Charlottes Army – Captain Tom 100 Challenge

10:30 am 29 April 2021
1:30 pm 29 April 2021

Angie and Charlotte Reid + support crew are walking 100 lengths of the esplanade raising money & awareness for Brain Tumour Research   

After being inspired by watching Captain Tom walk the length of his garden last year, then learning that he enjoyed the seaside, what better challenge than combining the two. The aim for Captain Tom’s 100 challenge is to walk 100 lengths of Sidmouth seafront – starting from the Port Royal along to the Belmont Hotel.  20 lengths a day between 29th April and 3rd May inclusive.  Brain Tumour Research t-shirts and collecting tin in hand.  Charlotte will take part when able from her wheelchair and maybe accomplish a few steps along the way, if you see them, give a wave and if you can, spare a few pennies.

*Collecting tins (Street Collection Permit SC3584) or use the justgiving page if you would like to donate: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Charlottes-army-captain-Tom-100-challenge

*Please give them an encouraging word or wave if you see them

Registered Charity No: 1153487

26 April 2021
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28 April 2021
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