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Café Scientifique: Sunscreens, Melanin and Vitamin D

3:00 pm 18 June 2024
5:00 pm 18 June 2024

 Antony R Young PhD will give a talk entitled Sunscreens, melanin and vitamin D

Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun is the main source of vitamin D. It’s often stated that sunscreens prevent the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin, but research has shown that sunscreen use still allows good vitamin D production.  People with heavily pigmented skins tend to have poor vitamin D status but melanin only has a small inhibitory effect on vitamin D production. Poor vitamin D status may be due to sun avoidance. 

This event will be live at the Cellar Bar at Kennaway House, Coburg Road EX10 8NG. You will be expected to pay £2.50 entrance which includes a hot drink. (Or pay £2.50 for a hot drink and then come in free!) Please come prepared.

Everyone welcome.

5 June 2024
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5 June 2024