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Bring & Share Vegan Lunch

12:30 pm 6 July 2024
2:30 pm 6 July 2024

Bring a dish of something plant-based and delicious to the Word Forest Bring & Share Vegan Lunch.

If you’re coming, write out your ingredients list to help those with food preferences or allergies.

£2.50 per person to attend. Vegan businesses can have a table to showcase wares, £5.

Any money raised over and above the cost of the hall will be used to plant trees with Word Forest, a Devon-based international reforestation charity that plants trees, builds schools, facilitates education and supports a raft of women’s empowerment initiatives across Kenya.

All are welcome, just bring a dish of something vegan and delish and tuck in!

3 May 2024
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3 May 2024
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