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Aspie Walking Group, Sidmouth

12:00 am 7 January 2022
12:01 am 7 January 2022

Walking from The Triangle Bus Terminus EX10 8PE

A walk for those for whom autism/aspergers’ is their prime diagnosis, or those who identify as such.
The aim is to get together with like-minded people to share our experiences whilst exploring the delights of Sidmouth.

Many Aspies find that within their own groups they can drop their masks and express themselves without apology or explanation. It is a relief and validating to find like-minded people. We share coping strategies and examples of helpful services, forming our own supportive community.

By people with autism, for people with autism.

For further information and times, please contact Kevin Hickson.

khickson17@yahoo.com mobile 07813 318 357

7 January 2022
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7 January 2022
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