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Stantyway Farm

Stantyway Farm, a 268-acre organic mixed farm situated along the picturesque Jurassic Coast of East Devon, is leading the way in sustainable agriculture. With a commitment to preserving the environment, the farm cultivates a diverse range of organic crops including barley, oats, beans, quinoa, grass, lucerne, and clover. These crops are sold to specialist organic markets or utilised to nourish their suckler cows and their calves.

Organic delights, nestled in nature

Driven by a deep-rooted ethos of environmental stewardship, Stantyway Farm warmly welcomes visitors to explore the network of public and permissive footpaths that interconnect the farm with the scenic South West Coast Path. Take a moment to rejuvenate at the Stantyway Honesty Cafe, where you can savour organic delights while admiring the surrounding natural beauty. For a truly immersive experience, the eco-friendly clifftop accommodation at the Brandy Head Observation Post offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking to connect with nature.

Protecting endangered species

As proud participants in the Organic Countryside Stewardship program, Stantyway Farm places significant emphasis on protecting endangered species such as the Cirl Buntings. Through the creation and preservation of essential habitats, as well as the implementation of sustainable farming practices, the farm provides a sanctuary for a wide range of wildlife. Discover more about their dedication to conservation by exploring the informative wildlife pages on their website.

Responsible land management

At Stantyway Farm, sustainability extends beyond their agricultural practices. They embrace responsible land management and collaborate with conservation organisations and landlords, such as the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust and Clinton Devon Estates.

Experience the harmony of sustainable farming, conservation, and unforgettable experiences at Stantyway Farm. Immerse yourself in their dedication to sustainability, nature preservation, and flavoursome, ethically sourced food. Stantyway Farm: Nurturing the land, preserving biodiversity, and embracing a sustainable future.

24 July 2023
Last Updated
26 July 2023