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Sidmouth Trawlers, one of our esteemed Changemaker Champions, is your go-to destination for more sustainable seafood in Sidmouth. Situated in the original fisherman’s yard by the Ham, at the eastern end of the Esplanade, Sidmouth Trawlers is renowned in the area for its exceptional locally caught seafood and has been established in the area for generations.

Supporting a local fishing family

Sidmouth Trawlers dates back to the 1950s and was founded by Robert Bagwell who sold fish directly from his boat on Sidmouth Beach. His son, Stan Bagwell established the current shop and the business then passed to his daughter, Kay Bagwell-Davies and now to her son Ryan Davies. This family-run business takes great pride in its various national craftsmanship awards. From filleting and preparation to friendly cooking advice, Sidmouth Trawlers provides a comprehensive service.

At Sidmouth Trawlers, sustainability is ingrained in their practices. They have eliminated single-use plastic and revamped their packaging for a more sustainable approach. By exclusively sourcing from day boats instead of large trawlers, they ensure a more sustainable fishing method that minimises waste and preserves fish populations.

Benefits of buying local seafood

When you choose Sidmouth Trawlers, you’re not just supporting a local business; you’re making a positive impact. They supply their seafood to local establishments, including The Marine, 14 Miles East, The Volunteer Ottery, Woodlands Hotel, and Osbournes. By dining at these venues, you can indulge in fish that is sourced locally with care, benefiting both your palate and the environment.

Opting for locally caught seafood brings numerous advantages. With a shorter supply chain, Sidmouth Trawlers offers fish that is fresher and tastier, having travelled fewer miles to reach your plate. Additionally, by supporting your local fishmonger, you gain access to a wider variety of species. Their extensive knowledge of different fish allows them to guide you through recipes and preparation methods, ensuring a delightful and sustainable dining experience.

By choosing lesser-known species, you actively alleviate the pressure on overfished populations while adding excitement and variety to your meals. Sidmouth Trawlers enables you to contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying a meal that has a lower carbon footprint than seafood sourced by large grocery chains.

Embrace Sidmouth Trawlers as your ultimate destination for sustainable seafood. Experience the freshest catch, support local fishermen, and join the movement towards responsible eating during a visit to Sidmouth.

24 July 2023
Last Updated
26 July 2023