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Otterton Mill

Embracing Sustainability Amidst Natural Beauty

Nestled beside the serene River Otter surrounded by abundant wildlife, Otterton Mill extends a warm welcome to all. This historic working watermill offers a rich tapestry of experiences, featuring an award-winning café, farm shop, artisan bakery, and gallery. 

Preserving History and Heritage

Lovingly restored in 1977, Otterton Mill stands as a testament to its rich history. The local Wright family, along with their dedicated team and substantial investment, ensure the Mill’s continued growth and success. Visitors can explore the ancient mill workings through a self-guided tour, witnessing the timeless craft of stoneground flour milling. Millers eagerly engage with visitors, sharing insights into this historic practice and fostering community education. 

A Haven for British Wildlife

Otterton Mill’s idyllic setting alongside the River Otter provides a habitat for beavers, otters, and kingfishers. The Mill takes pride in contributing to the preservation of local wildlife, creating a harmonious environment for these cherished species. 

Celebrate the Bounty of Local Food

Indulge in delectable locally sourced food at the award-winning café-restaurant, farm shop, and bakery. Treat yourself to homemade cakes, renowned cream teas, and organic soft drinks crafted in Devon. Savor exceptional coffee roasted just 2 miles along the river, ensuring a truly local experience.

Otterton Mill’s commitment to local produce and growers has earned them a prestigious Gold award from Taste of the West. The Devon Food Awards have also recognized their support for local ‘food heroes,’ including Luscombe Drinks, Otter Brewery, Kingfisher Brixham, East Devon Honey, and Four Elms Fruit Farm.

Supporting Local Art and Artisans

Otterton Mill has a cherished tradition of celebrating local arts and crafts, showcasing the works of over 50 talented artists and artisans from Devon and the South West. The Mill’s gallery serves as a hub for creativity and artistic expression, providing a platform for regional talents to shine. 

Embrace the Charms of Otterton Mill

Otterton Mill welcomes you to bask in the splendor of nature and immerse yourself in the treasures of history, art, and local flavors. Whether you seek a delightful meal, an exploration of the mill’s heritage, or an appreciation of local artistry, Otterton Mill promises an enriching experience for all. Plan your visit and be part of the enduring legacy of Otterton Mill.

22 August 2023
Last Updated
22 August 2023